Carbide Chain

●Carbide-tipped saw chains were specifically developed for longer cutting edge life resulting in less frequent sharpening, which cutting woods over 150m2 one time before filing(conventional chains only cutting 18-20m2 one time before filing);

●Carbide saw chains stay sharp and using life over three times longer than conventional chains;

●Logging in abrasive conditions, which would quickly dull conventional chains , suitable for cutting dirty woods, mud and sand area , fire burned forest, roots, frozen logs and hardwoods;

●Available : 3/8”LP & .325”&3/8” & .404”

●It has a special super alloy tip welded to the surface of the cutter ,and stay sharp 4 times longer than conventional chain.

●US-imported SAE8660 steel provides greater durablility,specially in cold conditions .

●Design for abrasive conditions,mud,fire-damaged forest,hardwoods and frozen logs .